Community Engagement

We look to provide wholesome events open to all to create a harmonious and productive community without hate, prejudice and to break down barriers! Take a look at our work here!

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day is a community event open to be enjoyed by all! People from all walks of life attended to take part on the day! Children enjoyed playing the tin knockout and bouncy castle, (especially throwing wet sponges at the local community officers!)

International Women's Day

Here are some photos and snippets from our first International Women’s Day Event!! It was a great turnout! The panel and contributors were breathtaking! The personal stories shared and motivational successes they talked about were phenomenal.

Mosque Open Day

Discover Islam exhibition in conjunction with Al Manar was a great success. Many people attended from the local community including councillors and teachers. There were a wide variety of discussions about Islam and many misconceptions were cleared. 

Causes & Cures

The Islamophobia Causes and Cures was a very successful informative event in Newport. We learnt a few tips and have recognised the tools to help us, to identify and tackle islamophobic behaviour should you encounter it.

Ramadan Neighbour Packs

Ramadan Neighbour Iftaar Packs were made and delivered to help spread the understanding of Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims.

Eid Gifts for Royal Gwent

YMCO Newport donated gifts to Children’s Department in the Royal Gwent Hospital by raising money to buy enough toys for all the kids! There were different types of toys from Bob the Builder, Hello Kitty, soft toys, building blocks and more!

School Exhibition

Over a period of 2 days and 8 classes, we spoke to over 240 high school students between the ages of 12-16 (year 7 to 11). The students listened to a short talk from Brother Tanvier who explained what is Islam, What Muslims believe and worship and the 5 pillars of Islam.

On the Path to Justice

In an age of increasing Islamophobia, two-tiered justice system, and criminalisation of political dissent. CAGE presented an exclusive seminar on understanding the vital issues and standing firm in the face of oppression.

Ramadan Iftaar Programme

This programme is a part of something special during the month of Ramadan, where there are opportunities to connect with other Muslims and other members of the community.

Maindee Festival

YMCO Newport set up a South Asian food stall for the festival which was extremely popular!

Online Cookalong

This was a really fun and engaging event enjoyed by all community members of all ages. This was a great opportunity to explore new and different dishes many of which had not been cooked before.

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