Lectures & Courses

There are regular faith learning sessions to provide reminders that encourage better wellbeing and mental health. We also have lectures delivered by a variety of well known speakers to give you exposure to different learning styles and benefit from a number of sources. Keep in touch to find out who is next to deliver a motivational talk!

Change My Dead Heart

The prominent Shaykh Hasan Ali had visited Newport to talk about the condition and intention of our hearts and how we can change it.

Ukasha Beat You To It

Imam Ali Hammuda returned to give us a tour of the famous Hadith.

Final Destination

What happens after you die? Where are your actions leading to? These were the questions explored during this lecture, “The Final Destination” by Ustadh Ali Hammuda.

First Night in the Grave

Ustadh Ahmed Ali was invited to come and talk about the stark realities of the First Night in the Grave to be expected…


This was a detailed introduction to the formation of madhabs (schools of thought), their importance and how the different rulings on fiqh are reached, which was delivered by Dr Nasir Qureshi.

Secret to a Good Life

Is there really a secret to a good life? What is it? This was discussed and contemplated upon with Ustadh Arjan Ali.

Quran : A Privilege That Has Rights

Ustadh Ali Hammuda shed some light on how we can avoid being among those who have abandoned the Qur’an in this lecture.

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