Who We Are

YMCO Newport is a dynamic and innovative, charitable organisation based in Newport. It is run by volunteers who have the passion and the drive to make a change for the better in the community. The Organisation comes together to combine knowledge, skills and efforts to benefit the local community. We aim to promote the development of the youth without discrimination to sex, age, race, belief, disability or nationality.

We look to provide alternative social platforms and outlets for all. We also encourage community cohesion for increased understanding and togetherness.

Our Principles

Our Mission

To share knowledge, connect voices and ideas, promote the needs of a diverse community whilst promoting community cohesion and better relations for the BME community.

Our Vision

A society where there is harmony within the community, transform and empower the wider community and enable the practise of all faiths without persecution.

Our Values

We are a non profit organisation inspired by Islamic values to help the wider community.


Our team consists of long standing YMCO Newport helpers as well as sixth form / college, university students looking to gain experience. We have members of the community who look to get involved to get to know the organisation a bit better.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the googleform and we will look to get in touch with you very soon! Alternatively, please contact us via any social media platform or email.

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