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To ensure that your PC is not getting overheated, you should use a dedicated tool to monitor CPU temperature in real-time. But which tools should you use? Are there any free, easy-to-use apps that give accurate data about the processor?

To help answer these questions, we have prepared a list of the six best CPU monitoring applications. They have a range of frequencies, and their speed depends on their temperature. A CPU will strive to maintain an optimum temperature called the T junction. This is why it is crucial to keep track of how hot your processor is during high-intensity usage. If the CPU temperature is approaching its max limit, it would be wise to invest in cooling solutions to prolong the life of your computer and boost its performance.

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight tool to measure CPU temperature on your computer, Core Temp is your best choice. This means there are fewer options to confuse you, and a small file to download and run. Additionally, you can keep the tool minimized in the system tray, allowing you to take a peek at the CPU temperature whenever you want. The resource footprint of Core Temp is so low that keeping the app running in the background will barely use up any memory, so you can use it this way alongside heavy applications too.

The MSI Afterburner application is popular among gamers for measuring statistics like the clock speed and FPS of their computer while running demanding games. Not only can you look at the current temperature while the app is running, but also set up an overlay to display these metrics in real-time. This makes it quite useful for monitoring the CPU temperature during high-load tasks such as gaming or video rendering.

You can even control the fan using MSI Afterburner , setting temperature limits where it switches into high gear. Speccy , as the name suggests, is an app for looking at the technical specifications of your computer.

This includes all hardware components, ranging from the RAM to any peripheral devices. Below is a step by step process to check the CPU temperature on your PC or laptop: Step 1 Download any of the above-listed software Step 2 Install the software on your PC or laptop Step 3 Open the software Step 4 Find the temperatures of your processors in the software dashboard.

You can follow the below steps to reduce the CPU temperature: Keep your computer away from vents or windows Clean the fans of your computer Remove any obstacles which restrict airflow from the computer Upgrade the CPU fan if the stock cooling fan does not work properly Try to add additional cooling fans if there is a space available in your case Try water cooling or liquid cooling if you are using your PC intensively like gaming purpose Take extra precautions while overclocking your CPU.

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Big Data Expand child menu Expand. Live Project Expand child menu Expand. AI Expand child menu Expand. Toggle Menu Close. Search for: Search. Learn More. CPU Load Monitor. When looking for a temperature monitor, there are several different systems that you could choose. The PRTG service is a bundle of sensors and every customer gets shipped the full set.

When starting up the software, the systems device manager has to decide which sensors to turn on and so is able to tailor the system to adjust the necessary monitors. The PRTG package of sensors includes several monitors that can pick up temperature information either from servers or network devices.

However, not every hardware provider implements procedures to report on temperature by that method. A sensor for Linux servers also monitors CPU performance managed by that operating system. PRTG has a total of nine different sensors that are capable of looking for temperature information gathered on servers and network devices.

If none of your equipment has an actual thermometer inside, there is no way for any system monitor to collect temperature information. However, in those cases, monitoring CPU load on all devices acts as a proxy statistic for temperature statuses. However, the free tier of PRTG makes this assistance accessible to small businesses as well.

Paessler makes PRTG available on a day free trial. This is the full version of the monitoring system and you can activate all of the sensors you want during the trial period. Site24x7 is a cloud platform that offers bundles of monitoring services for both on-premises and cloud resources. The Infrastructure package includes network, server, cloud resources, and log monitoring. One of the key metrics that the server monitoring section of this tool tracks is CPU utilization.

Site24x7 is a package of network, server, and application monitors and part of that service includes the monitoring of CPU availability on servers and network devices. The alerts for CPU shortages can be linked to live activity tracking for applications to identify why CPU is in such demand.

A great benefit of this package is that it enables you to monitor all of your resources with one subscription. The Site24x7 system is suitable for businesses of all sizes because it operates a per-device price tariff and provides full stack monitoring. This means that you are not just paying for a CPU monitor but an entire system monitoring service that has alerts for automated performance tracking. The bundling of a range of monitoring services into one package is a great deal for small businesses because this ends up costing a lot less than buying separate monitoring systems for networks, logs, and servers.

These are industry-leading tools that big businesses use. The Server monitor shows CPU utilization as standard but all dashboards can be customized. Access a day free trial of Site24x7 Infrastructure. HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring tool for Windows that monitors computer temperatures , voltages , and fans.

The software monitors the hard drive and video card GPU temperature. These metrics give you a strong indication of the overall health of a device.

The big advantage of HWMonitor is that it has a free version and the paid options are very cheap. You can centrally monitor the CPU availability of all of your hosts. HWMonitor Pro adds remote monitoring , graph generation , and an improved user interface. The free service is a good option for very small businesses and the paid editions are good options for SMBs that run a fleet of endpoints. Larger organizations would be better off with a system monitor that includes CPU monitoring along with server and network monitoring.

Next to each device you can view the Value , Min , and Max temperatures of hardware components. The list perspective makes it easier to monitor multiple devices at once.

You can download the program for free. Open Hardware Monitor is an open-source hardware monitoring solution that monitors the temperature , fan speed , load , voltage , and clock speed of computers. The tool supports common hardware chips meaning it can be deployed in a range of environments. The user interface displays the data pulled from temperature sensors in a list format — making it easy to find mission-critical devices and maintain them.

However, its good points are that it monitors many hardware aspects, not just CPU, and that it is free of charge. Open Hardware Monitor is recommended for those users who want to use a low-cost, open-source temperature monitoring platform. The Open Hardware Monitor is a great choice for home computers and very small businesses that have individual PCs rather than networked systems.

A good feature of this package is that it is available for Linux as well as for Windows. The software collects the data and then displays it on the screen so the user can take an accurate temperature reading. Core Temp is easy to install and it is free to use.

The tool will warn you if your PC is getting to the point of overheating but it also provides a range of live hardware status reports. There are multiple add-ons available for Core Temp so the user can add additional capabilities. For example, the Core Temp Monitor app allows users to monitor devices on Windows and Android phones. The Core Temp Grapher plug-in creates a visual display that creates a graph for each processor core showing load percentage and core temperature.

Core Temp is a good tool for people who run older PCs that need closer monitoring than new computers that have sophisticated hardware monitors built into them. The tool is more appropriate for home use than for businesses. For commercial use, you have to purchase a commercial license.

You can request a quote from the company directly. Download Core Temp for free. The user interface is easy to navigate and you can view in-depth performance data by clicking through the infrastructure hierarchy.

The tool can be networked and when implemented in combination with Lansweeper can provide automated monitoring for a fleet of endpoints. Customizable alerts help to keep track of overheating and performance degradation. There are also add-ons you can use to augment the monitoring experience. The paid versions are designed for small businesses. Medium-sized and large enterprises would be better looking for a combined system monitoring package for networks, servers, and applications.

Atera is a cloud-based platform that includes all of the software that a managed service provider MSP needs to run its business. The remote monitoring and management RMM module of the system includes monitoring screens for networks, servers, endpoints, and applications. Atera is a system that has been designed for use by managed service providers — although it is also available for use by in-house operations teams. In this package, which is called a Remote Monitoring and Management RMM system, you get a collection of automated monitoring services that include CPU monitoring, so you get real value for money.

The home screen of the monitoring dashboard gives a system overview. Atera employs an alert-based system that notifies an administrator if there is anything wrong on the monitored system.


Cpu temperature monitor windows 10 free

#6 Open Hardware Monitor. #7 CPU Thermometer.


Cpu temperature monitor windows 10 free

It also accounts for the current incoming voltages so that you can monitor if the excess current is being supplied. Not only does Open Hardware Monitor provide temperature, voltage, and frequency readings for your CPU, нажмите для деталей also gives you the ability to monitor your memory, your fans, and tempearture GPU as well.


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