YMCO EduYouth

YMCO launched a brand new project called EduYouth. These are interactive sessions covering a variety of topics the youth are interested in! Giving a new perspective of complex subjects! These sessions are taught in fun and enjoyable format, that entices the youth
The aim of EduYouth is to grow and attain new skills to bring about positive change through our grass roots values and strategic influence. Help the potential future leaders of tomorrow!


Delivered by Robiu Salsiu
This session gave comfort to the youth that it’s okay to be different and in fact, it taught the youth that you can use those differences as a strength. It highlighted how many modern-day corporations want different people from all backgrounds, race, religion and gender to help them market for different regions across the globe, these positions are essential within companies. It was a very beneficial session that brought a new positive light to our differences.

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Delivered by Sehrish Afzal
Very interesting and informative session on the government and the differences between the 4 nations. This session was a great insight for the youth as many schools do not bring up the subject which is unusual as the youth are our future leaders of tomorrow. This session informed the youth on how the government operates and the difference between the two houses of parliament. Touching upon policy writing and how representation of different backgrounds is needed to ensure these policies cater to all.

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Delivered by Amber Lewis (Welsh Youth Parliament Education and Engagement Officer)
The Welsh Youth Parliament delivered an engaging session that inspired the young people to get more involved in joining the Parliament and being part of the change in Wales. The session allowed the group to voice their opinions and truly feel heard – resulting in their questions being forwarded onto the Education Minister Kirsty Williams. The session successfully sparked an interest in the youth about using their voice to make positive change in the future.

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Delivered by Talia Loderick – Workshop Consultant at The Money Charity
The Money Charity provided an interactive yet informative session regarding financial literacy, the youth felt like there was a huge gap with being taught about budgeting, planning, tax etc in schools, therefore this session was needed within the age range. The session allowed the group to use the information they were being taught and put it into real life scenarios.

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