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It is like they tried to make a multiplayer shooter and sprinkle elements of the Command and Conquer series over it, but for me, it did not click at all and I could not get into it. It would be so easy to overlook this as a mistake in the franchise. I feel that is a bit harsh as there is a lot of fun to be had with Command and Conquer Renegade. Sure, it is very rough around the edges in comparison to what we have today. However, being able to play a standard shooter in this universe was something that I thought was really cool.

I do not think the game took off as spinoff games have not been something, they have been keen to do. If you like this franchise I highly recommend you have a go at this as it is very interesting. In fact, before it rose to become the biggest name in strategy gaming, Westwood was the crown prince of role-playing, having created both the Eye Of The Beholder and Lands Of Lore trilogies.

In adventuring circles too, Westwood is fondly thought. Blade Runner. From that wish list only a few features remain intact; the name of the game for one, an optional third-person view and the fact that you can drive a few ground-based vehicles. Here of course you control one such commando, looking upon the world through his own eyes rather than from above. As is the case in film, to enjoy a game, especially one such as this, it is imperative that you can either relate to or sympathise with the character you are playing.

For all his inane musings and constant gurning, Max Payne at least had motivations above that of iust dealina death to anyone who got in his way. Though the game is far from cerebral, there is at least enough to do to keep you entertained, albeit at a very basic level.

Set just after the original Commands Conquer, you are sent to find out what The Brotherhood Of Nod are up to, having captured three leading Tiberium scientists for some secret project, which, inevitably, could change the course of the war.

Along the way you get to fight alongside your old Dead-6 commando unit, meet up with your ex-girlfriend who had the good fortune to see sense and join the other side no doubt after having met you and of course plant your trademark C-4 explosives in Nod buildings to put them out of service.

Now despite claims of offering both all-guns-blazing missions and those where you might need to take things a little more quietly, for most of the game there is very little need to go around on tippy toes. If possible, both. Occasionally a soldier may turn tail and run back around the corner, but not for any determinable reason other than they might have left the iron on. This was on the medium difficulty setting, but even on the harder of the three settings there seems to be no discernible difference to how the enemy reacts to your presence.

But rather than be disappointed by the very crude intelligence exhibited by the enemy, it was in a sense just how it should be. Even Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 were both rather basic in terms of Al; the computer’s only real advantage in battle being its obvious dexterity when it came to giving orders.

The overly angular terrain in particular stands out as a sore point, as does the fact that Westwood has yet to grasp the concept that human beings need to move their feet in order to turn on the spot. On the plus side, there is always plenty going on and even our rapidly ageing Pentium s managed to keep up with the pace. In terms of the weapons and vehicles, like the rest of the game in fact, you could easily point out that there are better examples of each in a variety of other games.

All the weapons are flimsy and unconvincing and one or two next to useless the grenade launcher being a perfect example.

Fair enough, but neither is a rocket launcher particularly effective against a human. Very odd that. Considering how tight pretty much all the levels are, the vehicles have been worked into the game very well. Most important of all is how important the vehicles are to the multiplayer game, specifically CSC mode.

How it works is each side has a base, made up of a barracks, Tiberium processor, power plant and vehicle factory, plus the assorted faction-specific gubbins like defences and such. The more popular way of winning is to score more points, which usually involves keeping the Tiberium flowing in, revenue from which you can use to buy vehicles, change to a better character and so on.

Tribes 2 had them of course – ones that even flew, but they were little more than crude shapes effectively made out of Duplo bricks.

Here the battle is on the ground, up close and personal. To that end Westwood has only been partially successful. The Al is laughably basic, the graphics unsophisticated, the interface overly complicated and the characters cliched and wooden.

Perhaps the best thing about the game, apart from the multiplayer mode, is that someone saw fit to include the playable demo of Medal Of Honor on the disc. However, though it may drive many to buy what is an infinitely more accomplished game, fear most will be making an exchange before too long rather than parting with more cash. It was only last month we took a more detailed look at Renegade’s online game, and since then it has received a rather significant update in the form of the 1.

In it, along with a few bug fixes and support for third-party mods, are two new maps, across which players can now take to the sky. Big deal? Well in some ways, yes. Some of you may recall that originally aircraft were meant to be in the game, but they were removed ‘for the sake of gameplay’ a few months before release. Despite the panning the game has received since, it is with some thanks that Westwood has stuck by its fans and continued to update and upgrade what is an enjoyable multiplayer game – lesser developers might not have bothered.

There are in fact three aircraft to choose from: the NOD assault helicopter; the GDI Orca and the transport chopper, which is identical whichever side you fly for. Like the ground vehicles they’re pretty sluggish to control and although they use the same keys as all the other vehicles, strafing and altitude controls are somewhat inconvenient.

Despite – or rather because of this – the aircraft are far from overpowering and compliment the fast-paced nature of Renegade’s arcadestyle combat. However, the two maps aren’t so special: the first a dusky urban figure-of-eight map, the second a rather basic desert scenario, though it won’t be long before some quality maps appear, if they haven’t already.

While it may be stretching it to say this patch turns Renegade into a must-have game, it certainly improves its already broad online appeal. While the single-player game is beyond help, the multiplayer game is gaining momentum. The Chinese arsenal is an equally mixed bag.

High points include the Seismic tank an enormous double-turreted machine which fires concussion rounds and the Inferno Cannon, a cumbersome firespitting metal beast. Unfortunately there are a couple of duds in here too. Finally we have the GLA, whose selection is looking by far the most entertaining of the three.

The Angry Mob sounds particularly amusing. This is much more like it. Technicals – trucks with mounted machine guns – are also a welcome and novel addition to the GLA set-up. Best of all though is the ability of the GLA to create a complex labyrinth of underground tunnels, enabling rapid troop movement in the safety of an underground confine. One thing that EA Pacific seems particularly proud of is its all-new command system.

The first of these is the Nato Tank Command, whereby your land-based units ship with bonuses 20 per cent cheaper production costs and immediate veteran status , but all other units are 20 per cent more expensive.

The US Air Force Command which gives you a stealth bomber as your bonus weapon works in much the same way, in that your production of aircraft is 20 per cent cheaper and all air units are immediately allotted veteran status. Finally, there’s the Special Forces Command, whereby commandos will be 20 per cent cheaper and base defenses. A deadly army ranger, who can not only shut down the power to enemy bases, but can also be parachuted behind enemy lines, will be your specialist unit if you choose this path.

But this is all very well and good. New graphics. New units. What about the gameplay? Ahhh, you see, I was just coming to that part. And rest assured, we’re being promised plenty of nuances in this very department. First off is the new command interface, which has been completely revamped. The age-old vertical interface of games-gone-by is to be replaced by an intuitive horizontal one which will allow information to be gathered and orders dispatched far more rapidly.

Clicking on a building will now reveal all the options available from that structure, considerably simplifying base and unit construction. And in an attempt to make units less one-dimensional, EA Pacific has decided to incorporate unit upgrades.

AKs for the Angry Mob being just one such example. Resource management and building construction have also received overhauls. Each side will start out with a bulldozer, which acts as your construction vehicle funny, but I’ve always been under the impression that bulldozers were meant for knocking things down.

These can erect new buildings anywhere on the map, as opposed to just within your base. EA Pacific is hoping that this will open up a whole new array of tactical possibilities in Generals. Resource collecting will revolve around pick up trucks and supply depots. Will they fall to the floor and pound the earth with scab-covered fists and shout:. The combination of the two is being called the Sage engine. Now this is an odd one.

The 3D engine is one big reason and seeing it running at E3 proved that Westwood has gained from biding their time and watching otl ler strategy games make the mistake of going there first. Mark Skaggs, executive producer on the game, ran us through a typical mission, which kicks off with a botched political assassination in a small fishing village. A UN envoy, being escorted to Kazakhstan, is ambushed by two vehicles that explode and take out the escort vehicles, giving us the first taste of the cinematic quality of the visuals.

After a hefty firefight Skaggs settles in control of a US and allied Chinese base and orders the construction of a nuke. A bridge separates him from the enemy GLA base, and a huge dam is located upstream. Instead of leaving this to your imagination, the new engine enables you to track major events like this and witness the fallout, in this case the sight of the villagers attempting, and ultimately failing, to outrun the water.

Of course, being a Westwood presentation, Skaggs gets his ultimate revenge by calling a nuclear strike and obliterating the GLA troops. Westwood always manages to get fun into its games but the build-and-rush tactics of old are getting stale and it needs to move on. Despite their flaws, and there have been many throughout the seven-year history of the franchise, the games have always achieved immense playability through addictive gameplay, a somewhat cheesy sense of humour and an aura of toy-like wonder built into every single unit.

This time it takes place in the near future between the USA, China and the terrorist organisation of the GLA Global Liberation Army within the structure of a continuous campaign, with eight to ten missions for each side, maps and a skirmish mode. The idea is to keep quality high at the expense of quantity. Tiberian Sun was also very serious and hardcore and we wanted to do something that was in the middle. Our goal is to make a game that’s like a Hollywood action war movie that has this feeling of fun, so when you walk out, you feel good.

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