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Verified Purchase. Out of all the Drizzt trilogies, this one this by far my favorite. For one thing, there is much lore and world-building going on in this series, especially the first one, Homeland. Lore and world building is something that is absolutely essential to ALL fantasy novels, and this series has plenty of it. Sadly, RA’s Salvatore’s other works had much less lore and immersion, making them somewhat lackluster compared to this series.

It would be difficult for me to believe that someone could not be enthralled by the race of the drow, their politics, and their culture. And neither does the trilogy have TOO much lore. There is a perfect balance and it makes this trilogy superior to other fantasy trilogies in that department. The narrative flows smoothly and the pacing is excellent. You aren’t bombarded with too much information too quickly, but neither does the plot move too slowly to be interesting.

It also doesn’t treat the reader like and idiot, and nothing that happens is irrelevant. Most of these imperfections that aren’t present in the Dark Elf Trilogy ARE present in other Salvatore books, which really makes this one stand out above the rest.

Drizzt is somewhat like a Conan-esque character in this series, in that the story mostly focuses on one tough, central, and lone wolf type character, as opposed to featuring many characters and complex political machinations. I’m very grateful of this, as that is just a personal preference for me. That doesn’t mean that the trilogy is cheesey or ham-fisted at all, though. I think that even fans who enjoy more complex stories with multiple main characters will find this trilogy exciting because the writing and characters are simply that great.

The action is very fluid and exciting, with great detail explaining the choreography of the bloody battles. It can make one’s heart race and blood pound with trepidation. It really is an “edge of your seat” kind of action. I must admit that every now and then it can become a bit choppy and confusing, especially when characters use complex combat maneuvers. It doesn’t disturb the pace too much however and can be ignored.

An annoying trend with fantasy novels is that the villains are featured as protagonists, which is boring because the reader knows exactly what the heroes will be encountering next. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Dark Elf Trilogy.

The reader will be kept guessing at what will happen next, never quite sure of what is around the other corner. Much like the action, the plot is very much “edge of your seat” style. This is very refreshing and makes the trilogy much more entertaining than most other fantasy novels. I give this book a perfect rating, no doubt. It is a cut above R. Buy this book either before or after the crystal shard trilogy and you won’t be disappointed. Also book came in amazing shape, just small bends on pages and cover and a couple of library stickers.

Peeled it off and cleaned it up, just another high quality, clean used book. And used books are the best right? I was going through my local library a little over two years ago, when I found a book where it was not supposed to be, upon its spine was an interesting enough title, so I pulled it off the shelf. Upon its cover was a black elf wielding scimitars, obviously confronting two others.

I have heard that one should never judge a book by its cover, but that was one point in which I did, and I am grateful. I had not read any Fantasy beyond Harry Potter at that point, so to say the least, I was new to the genre. I didn’t really expect much from the book to be honest, but thankfully those feelings were proven wrong. From the first few pages I fell in love with the book. Its detail on the culture of the Drow, the action, the adventure, the humor even.

It stirred withing me a great love for all things fantasy, although I must say that for the better part of the next year I did not move beyond the works of Salvatore, I loved them far too much.

Alas, I am not a fanboy though, and I do not blindly rush into these books, and think them flawless. I enjoy them for what they are: simple, entertaining reads. This book and the others in the series have proven to be quite a stepping stone as well.

I may sound like a foolish person who enjoys the archetypal character and nothing more, but that is not true, though I do enjoy a story even if the characters barely stray from fantasy stereotypes like Feist.

I am a fan of George R. Martin as well, his complexity is a breath of fresh air, in a somewhat stale genre. I strongly encourage picking up this book and the rest of Salvatore’s books , especially if you are just beginning to read Fantasy. No matter how far you brach out in your readings, you will always be firmly rooted in the Legend of Drizzt. The books are highly entertaining and are also good for the post-brain bashings the more epic fantasy novels are wont to give.

There is no author better suited than RA Salvatore to write this series. The Drizzt Do’Urden series will rivet your eyes to the many pages as this good hearted dark elf’s saga unfolds before you. I wish he would write a dozen more of them, and I consider their entertainment value far in excess of any book which I have read of which there are many, including Lord of the Rings, Tales of Narnia, and many more.

Almost every Oz title has around ten different points which determine edition and printing. An example might be misspelling of certain words on specific pages, different illustrations, captions, plates, page signatures, and more factors too numerous to mention here. Here is why Wizard of Oz books are valuable After when the copyright for The Wizard of Oz expired, the story translated and published almost in every language.

Many countries created many Oz cartoons and movies in their own language. Even recently there were multiple announcements about New Wizard of Oz movies and shows.

Check for yourself a growing list of Wizard of oz movie announcements. In December , the SciFi channel created a 6- hour Oz mini-series.

According to SciFi news, it was the most watched show out of all the series ever shown on that channel. Parents introduce Oz books to children to explore imagination and sometimes Oz books or related memorabilia become a new passion for them.

I remember an article about Mr. Manney, a New York business person who was a voracious reader since childhood. He began to collect rare books and manuscripts in s. His library of first editions and autograph copies — children’s classics, American and English novels, religious and political works, and plays by Shakespeare, Ibsen and O’Casey — represents a highly personal assemblage of volumes.

That catapulted me into reading all the Oz books and many other books of adventure. By just looking at them it provides a boost for her. And like for Gretchen, many other Oz collectors will never part with their Oz books because it triggers their childhood and remembering reading these books with parents and grandparents. Many Oz collectors are fascinated not only with stories in Oz books but also with artwork by John R. Neill in books from their childhood. By examining vintage Oz books, someone frequently notices hand painting done by a child to black and white illustrations to enhance books.

My five years old enjoys coloring illustrations in Oz books in the copies that are no longer collectible. Few might even be part of the performance at their schools during a childhood. Some additional avenues bring indirectly collectors to Oz.

Others visited the American History Museum and noticed original ruby slippers on display. Collectors of comic books, toys, dolls, figurines, maps, dog lovers, historians, and women right activists are finding enough parallel between their passion and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book to contribute to Oz collectability. It is also interesting to note how public schools continue to emphasize the Wizard of Oz to children.

In , Indiana West Lafayette Community School, build a new middle school for children that included a new state of the art library. Around the library, the school decides to display many Wizard of Oz memorabilia to be absorbed and enjoyed by the children.

I assume that the main intention of the school is for parents to read out loud to a special kid in their life. Many people read them as a pre-teen, as a teenager, as an adult and as an adult to their kids. In my opinion, books are better than the movie, better than Wicked the book or musical, or any of the other movies or t.

Here are a few reasons: -Fun. These books are silly. They are kind. They are thoughtful. They remember each other from book to book. They have an art-nouveau feel, and are a good reason to find well-printed physical copies of the books -Vocabulary.

These books were feminist before women even had the right to vote , and great for little developing feminists. Another recent example is from Idaho in December Idaho elementary, middle and high school students collaborated with 24 schools in 10 U.

The movie was produced with the Story Maker technology that is used by 17, students in school districts nationwide. As someone can imagine with advances in technology it is a matter of time until one of these young kids takes an adventure into making other Oz movies for other 39 Oz books that are currently in public domains. That information is a reaffirmation of my observations that the Oz trend is still alive and growing. Since I am working mostly with Oz books and film memorabilia, I know there is a huge demand for collectible Oz books.

I recently found an article that lists the most valuable children books from to and guess which books photo was at the head of the article? Many people shy away from book collecting because they don’t quite understand how to determine a books value.

On this website, I’m going to give you all the information and tools you will need to successfully collect, sell, and buy. Below is the image of the complete set of my fourteen Wizard of Oz books in order. To indicate a rarity of locating books in the original dust jacket, I performed an online search of 15, antique book dealers that handles over million books.

I was unable to locate even one single copy available for sale in an original dust jacket. To me this signifies a rarity. Frank Baum was purchased in at Sotheby Parke Bernet on behalf of a private collector. The book was in the earliest binding state, but the presence of its partial dust jacket was not even detailed by American Book Prices Current.

When is sold at auction twenty years later Swann Galleries, Epstein sale , the partial dust jacket was a featured element of the description. If you would like to start reading the Wizard of Oz series but not sure where to start, then Wizard of Oz books Ranked – poll list might help.

Information about our Oz books store The Wizard of oz books and memorabilia available throughout the Oz Store are some of the most exciting and desirable stuff that you can purchase. Set of 14 Wizard of Oz series books If you are an advanced collector of Oz books and interested to browse the inventory of Frank Baum Oz books, then visit this section of the Oz Store. For the novice, collectors will be a good start to learn about the collectible Wizard of Oz book series by Frank Baum and Oz books guide.

For anyone looking for an OZ gift , they might consider purchase either an individual book or a Wizard of Oz book series set. In general Frank Baum, Oz books can be priced from ten to thousands of dollars and many factors come into play. Most obvious are edition, printing, condition, presence of a dust jacket , rarity and desirability. To learn in general about the collect-ability of Oz books series and related articles, the Oz Newsletter section is an excellent starting point.

Other merchandise To browse memorabilia that are outside of the Oz books series, Merchandise section of the Oz Store is the place to start. Although it is a straight forward process for Oz items, it is more complex for books. Finding the same cover of the book does not indicate that the book you are researching worth the same amount that we are asking.

Although you can reference the general pricing of Oz books , more accurate information about a price can be obtained from examining The Wizard of Oz collectors Price Guide. Why purchase from us With over 20 years serving Oz collectors, we had an opportunity to obtain a large collection of Oz books and memorabilia. We specialize exclusively in the Wizard of Oz books series. Our collection of first edition Oz books exceeds all of the antique book dealers combine. But, don’t take my words. A recent search on Abebooks where 15, book dealers listed their books, search of first edition copies of Wonderful Wizard of Oz returns only 15 copies for sale see the first photo and as can be seen on the second image we have over 20 copies available.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz first edition book page provides a lot of information about this specific title Facts Our experience with thousands of Oz collectible books is a valuable tool for all of you out there who are thinking about or already started collecting Oz books.

You do not have to search all over the internet; everything is here, in one convenient place – The majority of our collectible books are selling for hundreds of dollars, giving us a unique opportunity to concentrate on taking multiple photographs of each book which enables you to see clearly what you are buying.

Since we have such an extensive inventory, one can choose a book or series of books to fit any budget. If you do not find the answer to your questions at my website, email your inquiries using the Contact Form. Check often add this site to your Bookmarks or Favorites to browse around as the site books inventory will be updated often.

You will be glad you did! Additional Details of L. Baum, Copyright: , Illustrator: W. Denslow, Publisher: Geo M. Baum, Copyright: , Illustrator: John R. Do you have a question about the information on this page, would like to provide feedback, or did you spot an inaccuracy?

Please let us know by email ozbooksworld gmail. Testimonial and Reviews “What a great site. As a children’s writer and collector of children’s books I find this site very interesting and well-designed also.

As a seller of “out-of-print” books myself, your site is impressive.



First edition book collector free. Identifying First Editions

Collectors of lesser means may collect works by a favorite author, first editions of modern authors, or books of a certain genre. Finnegans Wake met with mixed review: some said it was unreadable, others praised Joyce for ingenuity. As our publisher Webb Howell said at the time, “When someone starts cataloguing their stuff, they really have transcended into a collector. Wealthy book collectors pursue rarities such as the Gutenberg Bible , and Shakespeare’s First Folio , books which are both famous and extremely valuable. The latest version, allows me to read a pdf file without leaving the database. And Matthew B. October 7,


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