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Book collectorz software free. Catalog books and e-book files on your Windows PC


Convenient, easy to use, effective, displays entries in an easy-to-find manner, looks good, well supported. May 11, This App is amazing!!! Finally an easy way to list my scores of books! May 10, Best book catalogue ap ever So easy to keep track of my books.

May 06, I recommend Collectorz to all the collectors I know and my father-in-law loves it for keeping track of his extensive book library. This app takes a bit if getting used to at first, but the catalogue is extensive, and most bar codes and isbn numbers can be used to autofill a good chuck of a collection.

May 01, Very impressive database. It’s been able to recognize various pre barcode books with no problem based on isbn. April 28, Great app! Easy to use, clearly and cleanly laid out. Adding books is a breeze – just scan the barcode. I really like that my collection information syncs with and is backed up in the cloud. Customer service, on the rare occasions it is needed, is just excellent – I had a question to which the response was 1 polite, 2 really fast, and 3 really well and clearly explained.

I am very, very pleased with this app and company. April 18, We have a large collection of books. This app allows us to catalogue our collection and in doing so provides a real time view of books on hand.

It also serves as a valuable resource to provide guidance for insurance coverage and the family with what is available to be borrowed. April 17, I had another app that I was using to store my collections of books that I own to help me remember but it never added titles and that app disappeared from the App Store.

Also way cheaper then other organizations apps. Great software for organizing your books! April 10, This is a brand new app for me and I am loving it!

Tech support is amazing. The custom fields are among the best features, you can add pretty much anything you want as text fields, check marks, etc. Their tech support is superb – not instant but definitely responsive and helpful. July 12, Great to put all the movie on here. July 11, July 09, Vertical Cards: Brilliant! A far more meaningful way to see all my disks compared to a mere list.

I suddenly saw disks I had totally forgotten I had. July 08, Ever since the disappearance of Film Aficionado I’ve been looking for a mobile app that is either free or a very small user cost which is why I wanted to give yours a shot. So far I’m having a great time with it and expect to pay for the year after the 7 day trial period expires. Adding films is very simple, the interface isn’t too flashy or too dull, and very user friendly.

I still have a ways to go in adding in my collection but I LOVE the ability to shake my phone and get a random selection. Game changer for “let’s pick something random”. July 05, Awesome app I now have it for my movies and my comics. July 02, Awesome and intuitive app that has made tracking my collection quite easy. July 01, Like its sister app it has immediate ease of use, and I especially appreciate the deep, granular customization for individual listings.

An essential app for any movie buff worth their popcorn salt. June 27, I do want to compliment you and your team on your fabulous software. Each year I notice more improvements that help me manage my large database. Having everything stored in the cloud has be so helpful to be sure nothing is ever lost or destroyed.

I did my update yesterday and love the changes to adding my new movies! Very handy additions! Bless you and your team and keep up the great work! June 24, Keeps you organized. June 18, Excel was recommended on its own, as well. You can customize the fields in pretty much any way you’d like, and because it’s a Microsoft product, there is much less risk of the files you create becoming unreadable through time.

My oldest Excel-based catalogue was created in and still works great! It can be a bit tricky to add photos to Excel, though. I’m averse to a subscription and necessary payments and updates; worried about getting locked into one non-transferable program Book Buddy and Bookends also come recommended by fellow bibliophiles.

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The Fine Books Blog. Local data storage on your own hard-disk Full control over your database files, image files, settings and data backups.

Optional cloud syncing and storage Sync your database with the CLZ Cloud, for online sharing and syncing to the mobile app. Browse, sort and search your movie collection in various layouts and views Movie Collector’s main screen is highly customizable, so that you can make it look the way you want.

Adding movies by title:. Adding movies by barcode:. Windows v More Windows updates. June 27, I do want to compliment you and your team on your fabulous software. Each year I notice more improvements that help me manage my large database. Having everything stored in the cloud has be so helpful to be sure nothing is ever lost or destroyed. I did my update yesterday and love the changes to adding my new movies! Very handy additions!

Bless you and your team and keep up the great work! June 07, I just had a most amazing experience. I’ve been experiencing some disk problems and didn’t realize my movie collector database was on that drive. This morning, Movie Collector wasn’t opening and I was having other problems. I then saw a life saving message from your software. To set the scene, I have nearly 3, movies and TV series I’ve catalogued. The message was something like my datafile was corrupt with 0 records retrievable.

I kept reading, would you like to use an auto back-up made two days ago?


Book collectorz software free. Book Collector Pro 22.0.1 Crack + Serial Key 2022 [Latest]


For many people, Calibre offers a one-stop solution book collectorz software free all their eBook needs. Plus, Calibre also allows you to sync your eBook reader devices, download news from the internet, and convert the downloads into book form.

It saves time on book collectorz software free library management, is usable everywhere, and allows you to share and backup your library easily. However, Calibre comes with a few disadvantages such as its gree user interface, limited customization options, and lack of a native help file.

One of the best features of Delicious Library is that you can enter books via Webcam shot, thereby allowing you to collect book collectorz software free books as well. The tool recognizes ISBN codes and helps you catalog your softwarre music, photos, moviessoftwsre, tools, toys, video games, and dragon age origins pc among other stuff you have. You can import all your stuff via the iSight webcam to the digital shelves in Delicious Library.

To scan, hold the barcodes to your webcam and the scanned items will appear on the digital shelves. Delicious Library also lets you create a comprehensive eBook inventory, integrate your ratings, wishlist and friends so you can share your library with others, and get recommendations based on your collector profile. You can also archive your stuff, view them alongside your iTunes collectroz, publish the library to the book collectorz software free, put items up for sale, and find out how much your stuff is worth.

Also Read : Best Scrivener Alternatives. Alfa eBooks Manager is another great Calibre alternative with lots of templates and beautiful library visualization options. You can also scan your computer faster for book files, add, custom fields, and tags, parse metadata, update book data from the web, and view your eBooks in 3D.

On top of that, you can convert eBooks for your iPhone, Kindle, or Android reader, and even import eBooks from Calibre. If you have audiobooks, Alfa eBooks Manager allows you to quickly add those and organize them ссылка на подробности the native audiobook player. Explore : Scribus Vs Publisher. Hamster is a free eBook converter tool that helps you read eBooks on your device.

The tool works like Calibre, collectkrz you to convert eBooks in proprietary formats for over devices including the Osftware, Sony, Kindle, iPad, iRiver, iPhone, and Kobo among others.

In addition, you can use Hamster to convert multiple files in batch mode and make softaare compatible with other devices. The main aim приведенная ссылка this program is to allow you to read and enjoy your books on any eBook reader, regardless of the format it supports. Once you have the eBook, just select it and output the format. Hamster will convert it and you can use it in over 40 languages compared to Calibre, which is only available in a dozen languages.

Explore : Best Campfire Pro Alternatives. Kindlian is an eBook organizer and manager that comes in handy when you use SD-cards to store books. What makes it a better alternative to Calibre for Kindle users is that Kindlian allows you to manage Kindle Touch. Plus, you can use the desktop version of the app to view and manage your eBook collection. Moreover, you can move and copy books between your eBook collections using the drag and drop function of your mouse.

You can also get eBooks in other book formats when you add non-Kindle books from your computer to the Kindlian library. If you want eoftware tool that can do both, you can go with KooBits, which is a more comfortable desktop eBook reading software.

You can personalize your eBook using tools such as the Highlight or Stamp, making it easier to mark or highlight important sections. You can also flip pages and use collecforz functions like game elements with KooBits. Also Read : Best Paraphrasing Tools. LibraryThing is software that you can use to catalog your eBooks and network with other book lovers. The адрес helps you create a catalog of books you own, have read or want to read, as well as books book collectorz software free have lent others with library-quality.

Like Calibre, you can catalog your books but LibraryThing also lets book collectorz software free catalog db2 for 10 bit movies and music too. You book collectorz software free catalog books from The Library of Congress, Amazon, and over 4, other libraries. Plus, LibraryThing lets you track and lend your books, music, and movies. The app is available in 28 languages, with more languages in process unlike Calibre, which only offers a dozen languages.

Doftware your personal catalog, you can show and aggregate reviews, ratings, tags, and Common Knowledge about an author, book, award моему adobe illustrator cc hardware requirements free весьма series, contribute your own reviews, tags, and more.

If you have a small library, for example for a community center, classroom, or church, LibraryThing offers TinyCat, which turns your collection into a simple and professional online catalog for circulation and patron browsing. Adobe Digital Editions is a free tool that lets you read eBooks but also download and buy digital content.

The software helps you experience your books in the most optimum format across major operating systems and devices including Windows, Mac, or mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet. Adobe Digital Editions offers a new ease of use experience unlike what you find in Calibre, which may require some learning to get used to. You can also borrow eBooks easily from public libraries, organize your digital publications, and manage your devices. In addition, Adobe Digital Editions allows you to bookmark, note or highlight important and favorite parts of the text from your eBook, borrow from public libraries, and organize your collection.

Also Read : Quillbot Vs Spinbot. Collectorz is a collection database that allows you to easily catalog your books, bok, music, games, and comics. Like Calibre, the software also comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, from which you can quickly access and view all your eBooks, and the data will be stored on your device.

You can also use the native camera barcode to scan books and sync data to the CLZ Cloud if you want. A web app is available book collectorz software free Windows and Mac users, which is easy to use, and you can log in from any computer. The book collectorz software free is stored in the CLZ cloud, and you get automatic updates, backups, and a free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app to scan your books.

For advanced Windows users, a special Collectorz download is available that comes with a free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app, and you can manage your data and image files. You can also sync data to the CLZ cloud if collecyorz want. With Collectorz book collector, you can organize your eBook collection in no time, and download cover art and full book details, once you scan or enter the ISBN codes.

This allows you to sort lists however you want, browse books in cover flow, and find them easily and quickly. Readerware is an innovative and unique library management, database, and inventory colelctorz for booksellers, collectors, libraries, churches, schools, and other organizations.

You can feed a list book collectorz software free barcode scans, ISBNs, or UPCs in the software and it will automatically search the web and catalog book collectorz software free media files and books. The tool can merge information from multiple sites in order to automatically and effortlessly build up a complete database with cover art. Readerware eliminates the chore of data entry and automatically retrieves full listing information while merging the data.

You can also scan your images, catalog a CD, DVD, book or other files by scanning barcodes as the tool works with any book collectorz software free reader. Readerware offers easy-to-use wizards that guide you on how to catalog, import, or export books and backups among other processes.

BookFusion is another solid Calibre alternative that allows you to read, share, organize and bookmark all your eBooks so as to make the most out of your reading experience. The tool also lets you sync all your books because of its cross-platform capability and read or manage them across all your devices.

You can upload and organize eBooks regardless of the format and discover book collectorz software free books as well as like-minded readers. While Book collectorz software free supports more than 10 different eBook formats, which is a bit lower compared to what Calibre supports, you can use its sync plugin to book collectorz software free all book collectorz software free books in Calibre cloud and any eBook device.

However, in order to allow BookFusion to sync your bookmarks, books, highlights, and comments across devices, you need to sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account.

This also нажмите чтобы увидеть больше you access to the web sortware and use Frew to Kindle among other features. On top of that, you get night mode, page animation, customizable text, and background color. You collectors use it on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac desktop to catalog and share your softeare book collections in a single app.

The personal portable book database was designed to offer a real-time solution for softwwre avid reader looking for an intuitive yet powerful database to help you log, search, and organize authors and publications. You can quickly and accurately upload your entire book collection, scan ISBN barcodes, preview cover art and eBooks via Google Books, and read book reviews via Goodreads.

The tool is ideal for teachers, students, library professionals, and book collectors looking to manage their books in a simple and fast manner. You can also find all your books and editions written by your favorite authors, use custom or selected parameters to sort and search your collection, and navigate your entries for quick recall. Like Book collectorz software free, whose online community is growing, Book Crawler book collectorz software free lets you socialize with its community, or you can communicate via Facebook or Twitter.

You can also locate books at your local library via OCLC Worldcat, use Dropbox to transfer data, buy books via iBooks, and link your records to your favorite eBook reader.

If you want a trendy way of collecting your books, All My Books is worth considering. The software loads all book information from online sources and you can share them with your friends so they too can see your collection.

You can type and get the complete data on any book by filling in the title, author name, or ISBN fields. However, you can only use this software on Windows PCs and Android devices, unlike Calibre, which offers applications for multiple operating systems book collectorz software free platforms.

The tool lets you browse your book collection as cover thumbnails or a title list, locate the actual book using Book Number or Location fields, filter your books by Wishlist, Unread, or your own marks. Plus, you can use the Sotfware search box to softwre your book catalog, group your collection into folders by genre, author, year, location, or binding type field values.

In addition, you can read extended book information by publisher, author, or synopsis, view cover images or swipe to browse them, and more. The tool offers the perfect electronic library for easy organization of your bookshelves into a convenient library for easy book collectorz software free. Plus, it can track your books so you can know who you lent to using the native loaner manager so you never have to lose a loaned book again. Managing a whole book collection may not be easy to do manually.

However, with an eBook management app, you can quickly and easily bring all book collectorz software free collections together and manage them automatically and effortlessly. Any of these 12 Calibre alternatives will help you get started so you can enjoy your reading experience and share with others. Tom has been a full-time internet marketer for two decades now, earning millions of dollars while living life on his own terms.

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Best Calibre Alternatives 1. Delicious Library. Alfa eBooks Manager. Adobe Digital Editions. Book Crawler. All My Books. Wrapping Up.


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