About Us

Who we are

YMCO Newport is a dynamic, volunteer-driven charitable organisation committed to enhancing community life in Newport. We harness the collective knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm of our volunteers to foster youth development and promote inclusive social environments. Our initiatives are designed to foster community cohesion, encouraging understanding and togetherness among diverse groups, irrespective of gender, age, race, belief, disability, or nationality.

YMCO Newport volunteers engaging the community in Newport.


To foster knowledge sharing, connect diverse voices, and advocate for the needs of our multicultural community while enhancing unity and improving relations, especially within the BME community.


To cultivate a harmonious society that empowers and transforms the wider community, ensuring the freedom to practice all faiths without persecution.


Inspired by Islamic principles, we are dedicated to serving and uplifting the wider community through our nonprofit endeavors.

What we do

YMCO Newport actively engages young people through social and educational activities, fostering their development into ethically grounded community members. Our programs include popular Islamic learning groups and lectures, catering to diverse interests. With the support of our dedicated volunteers and board members, we aim to inspire youth and the broader community to collaborate creatively and positively. Our services focus on promoting integration, community cohesion, and facilitating religious practices, ensuring something of interest for everyone in our community.