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Dive deeper into your faith with YMCO's regular learning sessions aimed at fostering well-being and mental health. Our varied lectures, led by renowned speakers, offer a window into diverse educational perspectives, enriching your knowledge base and spiritual understanding. Stay updated with us to catch the next motivational talk that could transform your perspective and inspire your journey. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect through our engaging and enlightening sessions.

Quran: A Privilege That Has Rights

“And the Messenger has said, “O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur’an as abandoned.” [ Al-Furqaan :30] Ustadh Ali Hammuda shed some light on how we can avoid being among those who have abandoned the Qur’an in this lecture. It helped remind people the Quran is a gift to us and how…

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Secret to a Good Life

Is there really a secret to a good life? What is it? This was discussed and contemplated upon with Ustadh Arjan Ali who helped give an insight into how the small blessings in life equate to goodness in the life which we all hope to strive for. Scroll to the bottom and benefit from this…

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This was a detailed introduction to the formation of madhabs (schools of thought), their importance and how the different rulings on fiqh are reached, which was delivered by Dr Nasir Qureshi. This was informative and helped distinguish between the Madhabs – to help recognise the similarities and differences with each school of thought. We would…

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First Night in the Grave

Ustadh Ahmed Ali was invited to come and talk about the stark realities of the First Night in the Grave to be expected… this was a timely reminder to show us ultimately we all end up in the grave and helped us reflect on what will help us during that time. It was an eye…

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The Final Destination

What happens after you die? Where are your actions leading to? These were the questions explored during this lecture, “The Final Destination” by Ustadh Ali Hammuda. During the talk, we were taken on a tour of Jannah looking at what awaits those who enter the gardens through Allah’s mercy, and also learned about the fires…

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Ukasha Beat You To It

Imam Ali Hammuda returned to give us a tour of the famous Hadith which promises certain Muslims access to Paradise without judgment or punishment. The deliverance of this kept the attendees hooked and gave an insight on seizing the opportunities available.  

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Change My Dead Heart

The prominent Shaykh Hasan Ali visited Newport to talk about the condition and intention of our hearts and how we can change it. Scroll to the bottom to watch the video! About The Speaker: Shaykh Hasan Ali graduated as a scholar/Alim in Islamic education, in addition to gaining a Masters Degree. He founded Safar Academy…

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