Appeal Submission and Initial Works on Community Centre

After discussing our case with a Chartered Town Planner we’ve lodged an appeal with the Welsh Government as we believe the NCC planning office has made the wrong decision to reject our proposal for a D1 community centre on parking grounds.
We have two independent professional reports showing the current use of the building which is A1, has a much higher parking demand requirement vs a D1 community centre. We also intend to raise some concerns with NCC as to how a simple change of use application took many many months longer than guidance indicates and how our amended application got ‘lost’ once submitted.
The appeal was registered beginning of October and unfortunately due to a backlog we have been advised it will take 20 weeks before they start making progress on it. We are expecting this process to take 12 months in the mid case but pray it is sooner.
In the meantime we intend to start works on the building so we may utilise the space under A1 use until a favourable decision is made at appeal.