Girls Youth Groups

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A vibrant community tailored for young Muslim girls aged 13 to 20. Our group is dedicated to nurturing confident, conscientious, and proactive members of society. Engage in a variety of activities and trips designed to empower and inspire. If you're eager to expand your horizons and contribute positively to the community, we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch to become part of our empowering network and start making a difference today.


We had an energetic afternoon with the Muslimahs, bowling and chatting away. The teams were competing to win which was very amusing and enjoyable. To many more bowling competitions!

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Drayton Manor

It was warm sunny and fantastic day for the Drayton Manor trip. Everyone had a brilliant time going on all the rides… some the girls were brave and went on the G Force and Apocalypse! Some rides rides churned our stomachs just by looking at them! Everyone was well and truly worn out by the…

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Pamper Evening Session

The Muslimahs had a pamper session and were spoilt with face masks, manicures, essential oils and even pamper bags to take away with them! It was the perfect way to relax and was a chnage of pace from the busy routine to a calm and peaceful evening with some fabulous company.

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Winter Wonderland

A trip to Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland was arranged and it was an amazing way to enjoy the Winter holidays! Some the girls went on the fun fair rides, whilst others went ice skating… and others were treating themselves to piping hot chocolate and fresh doughnuts. It was fun to de-stress from exams and get a…

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Games Evening

A games night was arranged for the young Muslimahs to get into a friendly competitive spirit. There were lots of games and snacks to enjoy throughout the evening. The winners received prizes and it was a great opportunity for everyone to bond. Keep an eye out for more games evenings!

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Tea Party

The Muslimahs hosted an afternoon tea which was a huge success! The topics that were discussed were mental, health and Ramadan. Everyone got involved and contributed to the discussion. We hope to do many more events that will be both fun and informative!

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